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My Home Decor Style

You may be wondering… how can someone who has never been a homeowner have their own home decor style? Well after moving 7 times throughout my life and always being on the hunt for a new home, at an early age I began to form an eye for design. I wasn’t the typical 12 year old, I watched HGTV instead of Disney Channel and I enjoyed the Build Mode of Sims more than the actual game. It didn’t take long for my parents to start inviting me to the weekend furniture store trips and asking me to help pick out the new kitchen tile.

My style has been curated with different things pulling from multiple inspirations and it continues to grow and change over the years. If you asked me around 5 years ago I envisioned my future kitchen to be extremely traditional with cherry cabinets and dark granite counter tops; my style has evolved since then. For my OG HGTV watchers, a designer who had the biggest influence on my style was Divine Design host, Candace Olson. She really stood out to me compared to the other HGTV hosts at the time because she really valued the art aspect of design. In every design, Candace utilized her art skills and sketch out her vision. It was also so satisfying to see her transform her visions into reality when they compared her sketch to the real thing and it was always spot on.

When I got into YouTube I discovered the legend Rebecca Robeson, one of the biggest interior design Youtubers who is known for her elaborate Christmas decor. Rebecca was the first designer I knew who put so much detail into her work. You could tell she studied her spaces because she would always find unique ways to fully maximize a room and she has a true talent of manipulating a room to create symmetry that your eye always draws to. These two designers gave me an early glimpse of interior design and they ultimately became the foundation for my own home decor style.

It is so hard to find the right words to embody my decorating style but I would describe my style as vibrant transitional with a hint of glam.

“Vibrant transitional with a hint of glam”

Well okay Arianna… what the hell does that mean? Let me break it down, my home style incorporates 4 aspects: color, texture, prints, and metals.  I am not someone who is afraid of color and in my future house I will probably incorporate a new color into each room. I love the trend of painting the walls and the ceiling the same color as well as unique colored cabinetry. I tend to gravitate towards pink, blue, and yellow tones. I never understood the whole white wall bandwagon, I’m aware it is easy for renters but color always just makes a room more inviting. Prints go hand and hand with color, and they help make a room stand out. You can put up floral wallpaper to as a fun accent to a room or you can be more simple and just add a cute cheetah print throw pillow to a couch. The best thing about color and prints is that they both help upgrade a neutral canvas.

Another aspect of my style is texture. Texture can come in many different ways but it basically means varying your materials and adding depth to your space. Some examples of texture that I love are wood paneling, chauffeured ceilings, or textured wallpaper. Texture brings character to a room.  As for the glam aspect, every girl loves a little sparkle. I believe metals are an essential aspect to design because it can add a luxurious feel to each room. Gold hardware and accessories are hands down my favorite, but I also appreciate chrome and rose gold every now and then.

Now “transitional” is a design term that refers to meshing modern and traditional elements resulting in a cohesive design. It is a mix of the clean sleek aesthetic of modern as well as the the curved romantic lines of traditional.  To me, the contrasting elements create a beautiful combination of masculinity and femininity.

Overall, the main vision of my style is to have each room tell a story and not feel like just furniture sitting in a room. Color, prints, texture, and metals all allow you to incorporate personality into a space. And for me, I’d like my spaces to encompass the creative side of my personality.


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