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Tré’s Testimonial

Now that my work with Tré’s apartment is complete (for now) I wanted to ask Tré about his thoughts on how I did on helping him throughout this process. This was my first design project, hopefully a first of many, and I really wanted to document this process for future growth and just to archive my work. Even though I have my …

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Living Room Furniture Delivery!

Each day a new element has been added to the apartment and it is really beginning to look like a home. The couch set and dining set was delivered to the apartment and it really helps to make the space feel more complete. Unfortunately this delivery experience wasn’t as smooth as our past one. Out of all days for the elevator to …

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Bedroom Furniture Delivery!

The apartment is finally getting somewhere and no more sleeping on an air mattress! The furniture for the bedroom set has finally been delivered and I have no complaints. The delivery men came early within their time frame and were in and out within 45 minutes. The furniture looked even better than it did in the store, everything fit perfectly in the …

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Inspiration is Easy to Find

One thing I love about interior design is that creativity is limitless and you can honestly pull inspiration from just about anything. You can gather inspiration from other homes/spaces, nature, color pallets, animals, the options are endless and they can really come up at any time. Just the other day I was getting a pedicure and as I was in the chair …

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