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Beware: Ashley’s Furniture Home Store

I would say I had an interesting experience furniture shopping at Ashley’s Furniture Home Store. It ended up being successful and we purchased a lot of Tré’s apartment furniture on our trips, they truly do have quality furniture for low prices so I give them their props for that. My issue with the experience was that they way the salespeople …

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Budget Failure

Men are so predictable… How did I know Tré not defining a budget would eventually become a problem. Like I have mentioned before, majority of people aren’t aware of how much furniture costs. When I presented Tré with the designs he was very grateful and excited about them because he really liked what he saw, but he was quite shocked at the …

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Design Project: 2. Establish a Budget

I have gotten a little more insight on Tré’s preferred budget for his new apartment and I came up with a strategy to provide various options all with different budgets. First apartments are hard because you would like to have a fully furnished house but in reality furniture is expensive and it takes time to fully invest into your home. My solution …

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