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Tré’s Apartment: Next Steps

Now that Tré’s apartment is coming together and we have been getting the key pieces to the place, it is time to get down to the specifics and look into some ideas for accessorizing the apartment to really help it transform into a home. Based on what we have purchased so far, the theme is pretty neutral because all the furniture we …

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Living Room Furniture Delivery!

Each day a new element has been added to the apartment and it is really beginning to look like a home. The couch set and dining set was delivered to the apartment and it really helps to make the space feel more complete. Unfortunately this delivery experience wasn’t as smooth as our past one. Out of all days for the elevator to …

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Budget Failure

Men are so predictable… How did I know Tré not defining a budget would eventually become a problem. Like I have mentioned before, majority of people aren’t aware of how much furniture costs. When I presented Tré with the designs he was very grateful and excited about them because he really liked what he saw, but he was quite shocked at the …

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